Tangerang, Banten, (ANTARA News) - A total of 1,434 of the 2018 Asian Games athletes and officials have  gradually left Jakarta and Palembang via Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, west of Jakarta.

"There are athletes from Palembang who are transiting at this airport," a volunteer, who is engaged at monitoring the Asian Games athletes at the airport, Annisa Hasanah, said here on Monday.

Hasanah stated that the athletes who returned to their home countries were in groups of two or three.

Athletes who are departing in groups are escorted by police from their hotels to the airport on a special car.

According to him, every athlete or official who uses an Asian Games identity is recorded by the volunteer.

"However, there are also those individuals who do not use identity, making it difficult for us to monitor them," she remarked.

She noted that that athletes and officials who have returned to their countries including those from Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Qatar, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the athletes who departed in groups left for Taiwan (318 people), Malaysia (110 people), and Hong Kong (58 people).

It is expected that athletes and officials of the 2018 Asian Games would use their identity, in order to be easily detected by volunteers at the airport.



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